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To be a champion requires more than simply being a strong player
one has to be a strong human being as well

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Partnership between child king academy (Belarus) and cairo chess academy (Egypt)

We are honoured to reveal our latest deal with Child King Academy from Belarus. Our deal will include:

  • Shared tournaments between the two academies
  • Each academy is willing to facilitate other academy’s players to participate in tournaments in it’s country.
  • • Trainers exchange, so We are going to have english and russian classes
    Also stay tuned for our Online Assessment Program that will facilitate joining for the new trainees and homework for the existing trainees.
  • Shared camps between the two academies.

Special thanks to WFM/FI Olya Penkart (Director of child king academy)


'CAIRO' is
a family

Cairo Chess Academy is a place where beginning and novice players can learn to play chess, develop their chess skills, work with a teacher one-one-one and in groups, play games, and even participate in tournaments. Everyone is welcome to participate in our lessons, tournaments and activities.Our Academy will teach all the students from the very beginning and help them to achieve their goal. Join us to experience the latest technological software for chess learnings.



Our Coaches are all highly professional and highly skilled players with more than 10 years of experience in the game of chess.



We are fully focussed on our aim that  is to create 50 million Egyptian rated players



We are serious in developing high class master minded chess players in our country.

Our Solutions

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Our features covers all the aspects of the game starting from online classes to Blindbot games to Tournaments. Join our academy to experience the modern learning of the game Chess.

Practise is key

Class Structure

Beginner Level

We help the students to learn all the basic moves and basic tactics along with some checkmate moves.

Intermediate Level

Continuous games against Bot and other players are encouraged in this level. Feedback and better positions will be given to everyone.

Advanced Level

This level contains special syllabus for students who have mastered upto advanced level.
Experienced Coaches
Success Rate
Highly skilled student

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

We offer every possible ways for the students to attain their goal and achieve higher milestone. We want our students to have limit only as the stars.

important things you should know

Questions And Answers

Atleast 1 hour per day, whereas the professionals spend more than 3
hours per day.

Firstly parents should create a daily practice schedule for atleast one
hour for the child and also they can try to follow up their home task,
work sheets will given by the academy.

Yes students have the choice of joining either Individual or group classes. Customized classes are also offered

Yes, we conduct tournaments like Intra academia Chess Tournaments,
Class Tournaments and as well as State Tournaments.

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